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Barry Roberts is an award winning cabaret singer…and has been since his early teens.

Aside from his popular cabaret show of classic songs, hits of the ‘50s and ‘60s and a few surprises, the custom tailored cabaret shows that Barry creates get raves for giving audiences precisely what they want.

Some of these custom show themes have included

  • Big Band Classics

  • Music for Baby Boomers

  • The Anniversary Show

  • The Valentines Show

  • An Evening of Klezmer Music

  • And even…  The All Request Show!

Barry will appear with his long time accompanist/arranger, a small combo or a full big band. 

My Funny Valentine - Barry Roberts
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Nice Work - Barry Roberts
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Here'sa video taken on a smart phone, by an audience member, during a recent show.




What are some others saying about Barry Roberts?

“I highly recommend your show which was specifically written to highlight Hadassah’s Centennial.”    

                                                     I. Rothstein, Florida Atlantic Region of Hadassah

"Not only was the show a fundraising success, the audience feedback was extremely positive."

M. Inzelbuch & V. Solomon, ORT America, Co- Presidents

“Barry’s smooth  style and voice are the perfect complement to the music…a throwback to the Big Band era”

M. Hirsch, Mens Club President

Embraceable You - Barry Roberts
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Barry's Live Cabaret Show
LIVE! In Concert - Barry Roberts
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"Everyone just feels better after Barry's performances"

Barry Roberts began his singing and performance career at age 12! His talents have taken him from every major Catskill resort, in its heyday, to two performances at the White House. (Yes, that White House!)

He has appeared at major concert halls of 2000 people with a sixty piece orchestra, to small, intimate venues with a trio or piano accompaniment. Barry's performance schedule has taken him across the USA to almost every state and several major cities in Canada.

In 2000, Barry was called upon to create the lead role in the successful, off-Broadway, limited run of "Millennium Charge." Since then, he has also performed on the Celebrity Cruise Lines.

Barry's musical shows are very diverse and always include songs from the "Great American Songbook," current popular hits and one or two uniquely special numbers that audiences love. Additionally, Barry can create a custom tailored cabaret show for your theme night or audience demographic. And, Barry's "All Request Show" is always a hit.

Aside from Barry's rich expressive voice, audiences truly enjoy his unique style, captivating personality and ready sense of humor.


Here are some quotes from letters Barry has received:


"Wow! What an evening. We can't thank you enough for your performance."

"We highly recommend Barry Roberts for all groups who want the best entertainment."

The reviews from our group were: "This is the best show we ever had."

"The standing ovation you received was indicitave of the fabulous program."



Practice Safe Stress

Today’s business environment is filled with anxiety, fear, turmoil and stress that strains and drains our emotional systems and we cannot work to our fullest potential. By learning to successfully minimize stress we become more efficient, productive, creative and profitable. Practice Safe Stress is an informative presentation with learning, laughter and music that will stay with your audience long after the meeting has ended.

Barry’s unique approach for minimizing day-to-day stress by using our “inner sense of humor” will have an immediate, positive impact on your audience. Custom tailored to meet the specific needs of attendees, this presentation will inform and delight any group and have a positive impact on improved day-to-day performance.

• Increase profitability
• Be more productive
• Regain your competitive edge
• Improve relations with clients and co-workers
• Approach each day with a more cheerful attitude


This is not about telling jokes, but rather a means of using our “inner sense of humor” and ‘humor memory’ to help us through any stressful situation and improve our lives. Barry’s best selling book, Practice Safe Stress, has been getting wonderful reviews and attests to this philosophy.

Developing Innovative

Thinking Skills

The changes and chaos in today’s world brings new problems and requires new ways of thinking and dealing with daily life. It is imperative that we leaarn to develop our Innovative Thinking Skills to improve our lives and our outlook on the future.

Whether retired, working, single or married, there are so many ways that this program can change your future. Innovative Thinking takes you beyond brainstorming to create “variation and elaboration” of ideas.

This is a one-of-a-kind seminar/workshop you don’t want to miss. It is highly interactive, customized and it will make a positive difference. .

A “how to” re:     

• Enjoying life more
• Finding new avenues for hobbies
• Stand above…way above the crowd
• Develop better relationships

Speaker Programs
Laughter Clubs

Laughter Clubs

 Laughter Club programs provide light to moderate exercise for mental & physical flexibility, mood regulation, stress reduction and an attitude boost. In other words, a real therapeutic ally.

As a qualified instructor, I have completed the World Laughter Tour prescribed studies and supervised training on the science of laughter and healing-with-laughter strategies and abide by the WLT Code of Ethics.



Our unbalanced world doesn’t laugh enough because much of the world continues to exist amid misunderstanding, strife and turmoil. Many facts are now known about the proven benefits of laughter and humor. All around the world people are developing ways to use humor and laughter for health, peace, productivity, intergenerational connectivity and joy of living. We make their work more accessible.



• A gentle exercise session of breathing, stretching and various laughter actions. (Can be done as seated exercises.)

• Jokes and comedy are not needed; only the joy of laughing.

• Barry is a certified leader who guides and motivates

• Group support lifts the members’ spirits.

• Atmosphere is relaxed and upbeat

•Sessions typically last about 30 to 45 minutes



•Good Hearted Living prevents the hardening of attitudes

• Relieve stress, depression, anger & anxiety

• Improve enthusiasm

• Reduce loneliness

• Increase self-confidence

• Improve health and living



• Strengthens the immune system

• Improves breathing, arterial blood flow, digestion and sleep

• Relaxes muscles and reduces pain

• Burns calories

• Helps people get along together better

The Five Minute Fun Fling

The Five Minute Fun Fling is a 5 minute humor break we give ourselves permission to take at any time we want to, or whenever we feel the need. During that five minutes some wonderful things can happen to us!


* The humor will help us to overcome any stresses we may have encountered earlier in the day.


* It will put us in a better frame of mind, to more successfully deal with any stresses that we may encounter later in the day.


* Just as in practicing a musical instrument, practicing the “Five Minute Fun Fling” will make it easier for us to find the humor in real-life, stressful situations. This is essential if we are to successfully minimize our day-to- day stress.


There are many ways you can experience a Five Minute Fun Fling, try one of these for five minutes, create your own.


* Sing along with your favorite recording


*Write a joke


*Put on some music and dance!


*Review some travel sites and picture yourself there


*Add a funny caption to an appropriate picture in a newspaper or magazine


*Invent a game


*Create a new recepie


Speaker Video

Live Testimonials

Connect with Barry

I look forward to hearing from you regarding availability, special program requests or to answer any questions you may have.



By cell phone:




By email:















Mailing address:


       Mid October - Late May:

            5154-C Lake Catalina Drive

            Boca  Raton, FL 33496


     Late May - Mid October:

            1482 Hemlock Farms

            Lords Valley, PA 18428







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